Step Up Your Workflows With Secure Digital Document Generation & Digital Signatures

Streamline your document workflows, optimize productivity & govern signature processes with ease.


What Can Ink.It Do For You?

Secures your data & workflow by helping in drafting documents intelligently & seamlessly executing them from anywhere.

Create documents fresh from scratch or use pre-made agreement templates, or customize your own template. Use API integration with Ink.It to generate documents faster by auto-filling forms from your existing SaaS solutions. Smart authoring enables quick document generation from any location & at any time.

Have contracts digitally signed & ready for use in a matter of minutes. Execute your contracts faster with legally valid digital signatures in the UAE, OTP-based electronic signatures & Video-Based Evidence Creation.

Sign Documents Online Instantly - Anywhere, Anytime

Customize Document Workflows With Your Choice Of E-Signature

UAE Pass Signatures

Ink.It is integrated with UAE Pass, the UAE’s national digital identity & digital signature solution, to enable secure & seamless document signing. Users can authenticate documents electronically with high security through UAE Pass signatures. This integration allows them to sign documents using their UAE Pass credentials, which ensures that only authorized users can sign your documents.

VBEC: Video-Based Evidence Creation

Enable users to create video evidence & authenticate documents easily. This proprietary signatures workflow comes with text-to-speech, face match & video features. The user records his video, consenting to the clauses laid out on your documents for simple, convenient digital document execution.

OTP-Based E-Signature

Instant & easy-to-use e-sign workflows completed with an OTP & secured with 4-factor authentication. OTP signatures offer the highest level of verification by requesting the user to answer a personalized question, verifying his ID, capturing his geo-location & using a one-time password to complete the e-sign workflow.

Why SignDesk?
We’re Committed To Keeping Your Data Secure

Protecting your sensitive data is our top priority. Our solution is fully compliant with data security regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2 Type 2 & CCPA, & is designed with robust security features to safeguard your information.

With a clear Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Management System certification [BCMS - ISO 22301 - 2019], we uphold the integrity and confidentiality of the data we consume and offer.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities To Enhance Your Document Execution Workflow

High-Level Data Security

We’re committed to providing maximum data security to ensure the data in your documents does not fall into the wrong hands.

With 12+ data security certifications, including ISO, SOC2 Type 2 & GDPR, we ensure your data’s highest level of security.

API-Based Integration

Enhance your documentation process flow using SignDesk’s electronic signature API.

Seamlessly incorporate our digital software into your digital infrastructure via API integration & streamline your document execution workflows

Smart Document Generation

Automate your document generation process using standardized templates.

Expedite document creation using features like OCR extraction to gather data from your user’s third-party system & auto-fill dynamic fields on your documents.

Versatile Digital Signature Range

We provide flexible digital signature solutions to help you seamlessly authenticate your documents online.

Choose from OTP-based e-sign, UAE pass signatures & Video-Based Evidence Creation to manage your agreement execution workflow with different requirements.

Document Status Tracking

Keep track of the progress of your documents & manage workflows more efficiently online.

A dashboard displays the status of your documents from -initiation to signature completion, easing the execution process for you.

Group Signatures

Invite multiple stakeholders to sign documents online as a group & manage contract signing workflows at your fingertips.

Stakeholders can easily sign a document from anywhere to speed up execution.

Version-Controlled Software

Keep up to date with recent product features and functionalities without the hassle of system downtime.

Stay up-to-date with the latest product updates with a quick system restart seamlessly.

Cloud Server

Our digital signature software is hosted in the cloud, allowing you to initiate & access your workflows anytime.

With a centralized document repository that enhances visibility & access, you can say goodbye to document losses & misplacement.

Customer Support

We offer extensive customer service for our electronic signature product, including email, phone & live chat-based support for your concerns.

Our dedicated support team assists you with all your product queries & issues.

Who Can Use Ink.It?


Any Team and Business Process

Enterprises can automate their rudimentary paper-based processes by setting up clear workflows for agreement generation & execution with Ink.It, SignDesk’s flagship document workflow & electronic signature software.

Individuals, freelancers & small startup teams can also utilize Ink.It’s online document signing workflow to execute their documents faster from anywhere.

Some Applicable Use Cases

E-Signature Workflows Tailored To Your Industry Segment


Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Create digital journeys in your LMS with Ink.It. Safeguard & accelerate loan disbursement processes by offering instant OTP-based e-signatures or UAE Pass signatures at every necessary touch point.

e-signatures-for-FMCG-Manufacturing-and Retail

FMCG, Manufacturing & Retail

Expedite vendor & contractor onboarding with instant electronic signatures, & utilize real-time tracking to manage supply chains. Reduce waiting times & improve overall customer experience using instant & secure Ink.It’s electronic signature workflows for these processes.

e-signatures-for- Real-estate-and-construction

Real Estate & Construction

Experience improved efficiency by speeding up document signing processes with Ink.It. Digitize real estate documentation & minimize the time & effort required for manual document processing with scalable agreement drafting, audit trails & secure signatures.


Human Resources

Execute various HR documents easily using SignDesk’s secure electronic signature workflow. Process hundreds of documents efficiently using our automated contract creation & digital signing procedures.



Improve efficiency, security & compliance in IT using electronic signatures to sign intellectual property documents, purchase agreements, licensing agreements, service contracts & regulatory documents.



Hospitals & healthcare institutions can use Ink.It to digitize & expedite patients’ document processing. You can create & execute documents for claims, patient contracts, research contracts & equipment contracts at speed with Ink.It.



We offer an extensive range of document templates to simplify document management for legal teams. You can accelerate the implementation of notices, agreements & all general contracts using our automated online signature solution.



Reduce paperwork & execute documents in bulk using Ink.It’s online document creation & approval workflow. You can get documents like student enrollment forms, financial aid documents & faculty appointment letters signed faster & bring them into effect seamlessly.


Tourism & Hospitality

Get documents like waivers, consent forms, tour & activity forms & authorize payments using digital signatures for quick execution. You can use these signature workflows to digitally sign agreements with vendors, partners & travel service providers.

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