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AI-Powered Productivity Software To Drive Business Efficiency

Create efficient workflows for onboarding, contract management & document execution with our total document automation suite.

  • Set up a secure onboarding process using ID verification & face match

  • Create, negotiate, sign & monitor contracts on a single smart platform

  • Offer remote document execution with UAE Pass-Integrated Signatures

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All-in-one Platform for Onboarding, Contract Lifecycle Management & eSignatures


Smart Contract
Lifecycle Management

Create agreements instantly with configurable templates & clause libraries. Enable stakeholders to negotiate clauses online & expedite contract execution. Track activities & milestones in real-time, and store contracts securely in a central repository.


AI-Powered Verification & Digital Onboarding

Integrate low-code KYC & KYB-ready software & secure every stage of your verification journey. Auto form filling, dynamic data collection & data extraction from national IDs accelerate onboarding journeys. Smart verification with AML screening secures onboarding like nothing else.


eSign-Enabled Document Execution

Slash TAT & get contracts signed in bulk with our state-of-the-art digital document execution solution. Effortlessly generate documents using AI & manage their signing workflows using UAE Pass signatures, Video-Based Evidence Creation & OTP-based eSign solutions.

We’re Committed To Keeping Your Data Secure

With a strong emphasis on establishing digital trust, SignDesk is entirely committed to upholding the strictest data protection protocols


GDPR Compliant


ISO 9001 certified


SOC 2 Approved


NIST Compliant


CCPA certified


GLBA Compliant


HIPAA Compliant


FERPA Compliant

Robust API Integrations To Streamline Verification & Minimize Risk

Deter fraud, expedite verification & enable secure signature procedures using our low-code API integrations & automation solutions


Video-Based Verification

Deploy assisted or non-assisted KYC to verify clients remotely to improve convenience & reduce drop-off rates


Business Verification

Verify business licenses of entities & conduct comprehensive background checks for the firms & vendors you’re partnering with


Bank Account Verification

Check the client’s bank account & cross-verify records to enable secure onboarding


OCR-based data extraction

OCR-based data extraction from identity documents speeds up the verification of ID documents.


Fraud Detection

Combat fraud with the latest in liveness detection, face matching, live video capture & anti-spoofing


Risk Detection

Safeguard your business from financial crime by checking your users or vendors against negative lists


Biometric Verification

Match biometrics with ID documents & verify authenticity organically


AML Screening

Stay compliant with global AML regulations & nip risks of money laundering & reputation loss in the bud

Enhance Your Workflows With Efficiency-Driven Solutions


User Onboarding

Our industry-ready solution promises compliance with regulatory standards. Fast-track your operations by verifying & onboarding suppliers remotely. With CLM, you can expect on-time renewal of your contracts, manage contract workflows online & use eSign to put them into effect up to 50% faster.

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Current Account Opening

Accelerate account opening using end-to-end digital onboarding replete with AML screening. Processes like auto form filling, identity extraction & facial matching, business license verification, information extraction & eSignature support help you accelerate account opening.


Vendor Onboarding

Make onboarding journeys convenient for users with remote video-based verification Expedite the process using auto form filling, extract ID information & use facial matching to confirm user identity. Match extracted information against databases & create persona-specific onboarding flows using building blocks. Manage onboarding agreements digitally & execute them faster with electronic signatures.

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Workflow Automation Specialized For Your Industry’s Requirement



Banks are largely susceptible to risks arising from illicit transactions & funds. Deploying our enterprise-grade KYC solution with robust Anti-Money Laundering checks helps deter fraud. SignDesk paves the way for faster account opening & loan disbursement while ensuring security.



Issue policies at a faster rate & expedite your operations with SignDesk. Use customizable verification procedures to assess risk & steer clear of illegal transactions. Automate insurance contract management & obtain signatures instantly.


Investments & Crypto

Verify users while adhering to global regulatory frameworks. Establish a user-friendly onboarding process & reduce KYC drop-offs drastically. Store crucial documents in a central vault & create an audit trail for investment transactions.


Real Estate

Bring asset agreements into effect with ease using eSignatures & real estate contract management software. Monitor project milestones & asset transactions in real-time, and verify partners using background checks.



Effortlessly manage multiple vendors by automating contract management. Execute contracts swiftly using eSignature authentication. Complete vendor verification processes online & onboard smoothly by setting up remote KYC.


Human Resources

Enable intuitive employee onboarding using an automated verification system with contract management facilities & video-based ID authentication. Get employment agreements & NDAs signed using OTP or video-based signatures.



Adapt to changing regulations & enable growth by integrating secure onboarding & verification APIs onto your platform. Govern every stage of vendor contracts using an automated contract management system. Accelerate employee onboarding using automated remote verification.


Expedite legal documentation processes with smart contract drafting & online negotiations & execute them faster with digital stamping & electronic signatures. Collaborate seamlessly with multiple stakeholders & ensure consistency & error-free documentation with SignDesk.



Hospitality Operate more efficiently & offer better customer experiences using document automation & digital execution to automate reservation, booking & payment authorization forms. Speed up check-ins & ensure industry & government compliance using our smart contract management platform.

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