AI-Powered Digital Onboarding Software For Individuals & Entities

  • Friction-free KYC for customer verification
  • Onboard credible businesses & minimize risks with KYB
  • Easy API integrations with zero third-party assistance
  • Compliance with global KYC & AML regulations

Onboard Up-to 50% Faster With Smart KYC Management

We Automate Onboarding Workflows From End-To-End


Document workflows automated


Lower TAT for critical onboarding workflows


Industry Award and Recognition


Industry-Grade Security Certifications

Including 8 ISO certifications, GDPR, NIST, FERPA, CCPA, & SOC2 Type 2

Switch From Semi-Automated Workflows To Complete Digital Onboarding

Too many enterprises still rely on manual verification for KYC causing friction, inefficiencies & loss of business

Traditional Onboarding

  • In-person interactions
  • Multiple copies of paperwork & IDs for verification
  • Additional expenses for logistics & inventory
  • Localized to regional clients & associates
  • Unable to scale according to growth
  • High risks of security & compliance
  • Highly susceptible to fraudulent activities

Fully Digital Onboarding

  • Remotely accessible & improves CX
  • Seamless digital ID verification
  • Remote workflows mean zero document costs
  • Verify & onboard from anywhere
  • Quick & effective during bulk onboarding
  • Secure & compliant with industry standards
  • Fraud is prevented using smart technologies like facial authentication

Diverse Verification Solutions To Supercharge Your Onboarding Workflows

Leverage a variety of verification & AML tools to authenticate individuals and business entities according to your requirements

Know-Your-Customer With

Know-Your-Business With

Scale Up & Speed Up Operations With Digital Onboarding

SignDesk’s digital onboarding solution offers a wide range of advantages your business can benefit from


Real-Time Stage Tracking


Productivity Enhancing Workflows


Configurable Processes


Enterprise-Grade Data Security


Accelerated ID Verification

Automate Crucial Processes From End-To-End With Digital Onboarding

Deploy our digital onboarding software to streamline key touch-points in your business’s most important workflows

Vendor Onboarding

Streamline your vendor onboarding process flows by automating the entire vendor verification & onboarding procedure. Smart processes like automated onboarding data collection & extraction from IDs & fetching key business documents from MCA, help you bring vendors on board faster & more securely.

Loan Disbursement

Banks & NBFCs can use digital onboarding to disburse loans quicker for their customers. Offering remote ID verification not only speeds up loan disbursement but also enables you to enhance customer experience.

Employee Onboarding

Onboard employees with ease by automating their onboarding process from end to end. Bring global candidates on board easily using real-time KYC with remote document verification.

Business Verification

Verify business backgrounds using dynamic data extraction & matching against watchlists to ensure you partner with legitimate businesses. Checks for AML/TF enable you to stay risk-free with your partnerships.

Onboarding Workflows Tailor-Made For Your Industry Segment

Choose From Different Integration Options


Mobile SDK


Low-Code API


Mobile & Desktop Web


Widget Integration


Standalone Platform

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